Posted July 23, 2023

BluWolf cut resistant gloves for comfort and dexterity

The BluWolf series of cut-resistant work gloves from Azusa Safety, Inc. are consistently woven with an 18-gauge liner across all models. BluWolf provides a blend of comfort, dexterity, and protection, whichever model you choose.

Azusa Safety BluWolf Cut Resistant GlovesUnlike most competitors who resort to thicker 13-gauge liners to provide adequate cut protection, BluWolf manages to offer similar safety standards with a lighter touch.

The BW4010 and BW4050 gloves are equipped with our unique stealth impact protection, providing subtle yet effective back-of-hand safeguarding without detracting from the glove's comfort or dexterity. 

BluWolf offers a glove line that doesn't compromise. It offers superior cut protection, optimal dexterity, and unparalleled comfort, all at a highly competitive price.