Posted August 2, 2023

ArmorGlide coating for bandsaws, table saws, jointers

ArmorGlide from Powermatic is an industrial-grade, low-friction, protective coating on a new line of bandsaws, table saws, and jointers. ArmorGlide is a durable coating that enhances visibility and makes worksurfaces low friction, rust-resistant, and maintenance-free.

Powermatic ArmorGlide ArmorGlide line of products gives woodworkers maintenance-free work tables and enhanced control, bringing a new level of convenience and performance.

The ArmorGlide coating eliminates the need for preventative measures woodworkers have traditionally used to combat rust on their machine tables. The low-friction coating enhances a Woodworker's ability to move, slide, and control the workpiece instilling confidence and providing improved results. The ArmorGlide coating also provides protection against humidity and sweat and increases the lifespan of these woodworking tools.

“Powermatic is excited to bring a new level of machine table to Woodworkers. This will revolutionize the way our Users can create,” said Director of Product Management Jimmy Uttley. “Our ArmorGlide-coated products represent a significant advancement in woodworking technology, and we know they will make the experience and finished product of woodworkers at all levels even better.”

The launch of ArmorGlide coated equipment comes after extensive research and development by Powermatic. Tested for over 250,000 cycles, ArmorGlide will not peel or tear, reduces friction by 50%, prevents rust by 99%, and enhances the maneuverability and control that Woodworkers require.

The new ArmorGlide coated tops are covered under Powermatic’s individual machine warranties. The new lineup of products will be available at authorized dealers starting in September.