Posted August 21, 2023

Creform double angle mobile flow rack 

Creform Corp., a manufacturer of unique products for material handling structures, has fully designed, built and assembled a mobile flow rack with double angle set up.

Creform double angle flow rackThe flow rack features gravity conveyors on the load side and low friction slide pipe in the front. The flow rack, is suitable for plastic returnable totes as well as cardboard boxes, and is used lineside for a picking application in a power-protection equipment manufacturer. It can also be used for warehousing.

The unique design and the increased angle in the slide improve visual presentation of the product for the operator. Each lane includes dividers, made from Creform pipe, as well as anti-back stops to prevent boxes and totes being pushed off to the wrong side.
The rack, designed for better workflow, is built using 28 mm Creform white gray plastic coated steel pipe and black metal joints which provides flexibility and reusability for this user.

There are five supply levels on the rack with one return level at the top. Gravity conveyors are located evenly spaced to accommodate different sized boxes. An intermediate support beam provides for further stability of the rack. Each of the flow rack’s levels can be repositioned or the whole flow rack can be customized with only simple tools.
The flow rack pictured is 52" W x 35" D x 70" T and has a load capacity rating of 1500 lb. The unit features six casters to allow for easy movement when cleaning or repositioning. Each caster can be locked in place when the need arises or built stationary with fixed structural feet as an option.

The unit is built with white gray pipe color, but as with all Creform flow racks, a wide variety of pipe colors are available, and accessories can include information sheet holders, label holders, tool storage, hooks to hang tools and other supplies. Creform Structures can be built with ESD for anti-static applications. Flow racks are available as a kit or as an assembled structure or in the component form for a complete DIY solution.

The Creform System is used to create an array of material handling and efficiency enhancing devices and is a proven component in continuous improvement and lean manufacturing programs. The company partners with customers in developing and implementing these programs.