Posted August 21, 2023

New camera-based protection system for dynamic muting on press brakes

Pilz, an innovative leader in machine safe automation technology has developed a camera-based, certified function block for dynamic muting and safeguarding press brakes that allows the dynamic muting process on press brakes to be configured and implemented much more easily.

PSENvip 2, Pilz protection system for muting on press brakesAs a complete solution with the Fast Analysis Unit (FAU) in the automation system PSS 4000, the camera-based protection system PSENvip 2 offers maximum safety for press brakes in accordance with EN ISO 12622 and is suitable for both new machinery and retrofits.

Further, by combining the PSENvip2 with the Pilz configurable control system PNOZmulti2 or the automation system PSS 4000, users can achieve a productivity increase of up to 50% during dynamic muting mode. PSENvip 2 speeds up the operations of such presses and enables processes in the forming technology industry to be more productive and offers maximum safety for press brakes in accordance with EN ISO 12622. It is suitable for both new machinery and retrofits.

With the new function block for dynamic muting, it is possible to configure tool class, muting end point or protected field modes simply and quickly. Safety functions such as position, speed, braking ramp, overrun distances and protected field can also be monitored. The new function block ensures that dynamic muting is initiated once the check is complete. Manual programming is no longer required, so the press application is in operation quickly and safely.

With PSENvip 2, foreign bodies are detected immediately, and the press operation is stopped safely – without compromising productivity. That’s because the solution allows operating speeds to be perfectly adapted, thus enabling higher cycle counts. Due to the dynamic muting process, the speed of the upper tool can be continuously adapted via dynamic adaptation of the protected field. Only from the detection zone onwards is this reduced to the lowest level. In conjunction with user-friendly diagnostics, the safe, complete press-braking solution increases the availability and cost effectiveness of press applications in forming.

The complete solution comprising PSENvip 2 and the Fast Analysis Unit in the automation system PSS 4000 from Pilz guarantees faster processing, and consequently an even faster shutdown of bending processes. In the automation system PSS 4000, the PLC controllers PSSuniversal PLC are used for this purpose: PSSuniversal PLC monitors all the safety-related functions and can also perform the press’s standard control functions. As a result, the solution package from Pilz achieves maximum productivity while being simple to handle and ensures an efficient bending process.