Posted August 25, 2023

Dispense Works' RF Series benchtop filling & capping system

The Dispense Works RF Series Robotic system will streamline your manual filling, tipping, and capping operation with one precise and affordable benchtop package.

Dispense Works RF seriesThe RF Series robot — manufactured in the U.S. — requires no PC for operation, and provides all preprogrammed software functions for filling, capping, assembly, positioning, etc., as well as custom operations in a truly compact benchtop package.

Hundreds of files may be stored on the memory card for quick changeover. Change the fill volumes or positions by just loading a new file. It really is that simple! Bar code scanner input will allow the selection of jobs from a work order or label.

The RF Dispensing System features big performance and is available in several configurations to best suit your unique requirements. The machine shown features a peristaltic pump and 3-piece assembly tooling for bottles, tips & caps. Only from Dispense Works Inc. or