Posted September 18, 2023

Walter TC130 Supreme tap for blind-hole threading

Walter has launched the TC130 Supreme tapping tool with a new patent-pending geometry for improved surface quality even when threading large batch sizes.

Walter TC130 Supreme tapStraight grooves produce short, controllable chips, resulting in high process reliability when threading with the TC130 tap. In turn, the special geometry means that the fine surface finish of the threads is maintained longer, so the tap does not need to be replaced prematurely because of decreasing thread quality.

To achieve this capability, the last thread in the chamfer section of the tap is designed to “finish” the thread. This results in an excellent thread surface.

The tap with axial internal coolant has a tough HSS-E substrate to prevent fractures and total breakage. The innovative WY80EH HiPIMS coating improves wear resistance and thread quality, and the tool features an additional WY80AA titanium nitride (TiN) coating to provide the best thread quality. A chamfered guide section prevents fractures at the end of the profile.

With the ability to cut blind-hole threads up to 3.5 × DN, the TC130 Supreme tap is targeted for applications in general mechanical engineering and the energy industry, such as for threading wind turbines. The tap is suitable for threading steel and cast iron (ISO P and K workpiece groups). Also, the tool is ideal for interference contours and series production.

The TC130 Supreme tap has a tolerance of 6HX and is available in a variety of dimensions: UNC ¼ to UNC 1.0, M4 to M42 (metric), and MF10×1 to MF33×2. (metric fine)

The Walter lineup of products consists of three categories of tools. Supreme tools (such as the TC130) indicate the highest level of technology and performance available. Advance tools indicate products efficiently balanced between price and performance and Perform tools are products that provide an economical solution with focused importance on price.