Posted October 31, 2023

Klein Tools launches redesigned insulated tools, kits

Klein Tools has introduced new Insulated Tools and Kits, featuring Long-Nose Pliers, Cable Cutters and Cutting/Crimping tools are 1000V rated for safety on the job.

Klein Tools redesigned insulated tools_103123Highlights:

  • Durable molded insulation meets or exceed ASTM F1505-16(2021) and IEC 60900:208 standards for insulated tools
  • 1000V-rated orange impact and flame-resistant insulation provides protection from electrical shock
  • Multi-layer grip design provides protection against electric shock
  • Integral guards help prevent hand contact with conductive parts
  • New individual tools:
  • Insulated Cutting/Crimping Tool (Cat. No. 1005RINS)
  • Insulated Long-Nose Pliers (Cat. No. 2038RINS)
  • Insulated High-Leverage Electrician’s Cable Cutter (Cat. No. 63225RINS)
  • New kits:
  • 4-Piece Next Generation Insulated Kit (Cat. No. 9417R)
  • 6-Piece Next Generation Insulated Kit (Cat. No. 9418R)

“When working on energized sources, staying protected from an electrical shock is the most important thing a trade professional can do,“ says Daniel Pearson, senior product manager at Klein Tools. “With the launch of our new Insulated Tools and Kits, professionals have peace of mind that they can complete their daily tasks with tools that not only feature the strength and durability they’ve come to expect from Klein, but also the additional protection of impact and flame-resistant insulation that protects from electrical shock.”