Posted December 7, 2021

How 'Bots Can Change Your Warehouse and DC's Lifestyle

This webinar, sponsored by 6 River Systems, explores the topic of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Our presenters are Howard Coleman of MCA Associates and Chris Lingamfelter, VP of New Initiatives for 6 River Systems of Waltham, Massachusetts.

The session will update you on new and up-to-date developments in AMRs for distribution warehouse operations and provide insights into how you can “future proof’ your warehouse/DC operations.

You'll learn:

  • What collaborative robotics is all about
  • How they operate and fit into your order fulfillment process flow
  • Why they can be an option for smaller to mid-size operations too
  • The ever expanding available choices of equipment and load capacities
  • Capital costs versus ‘robotics-as-a-service’
  • How you can determine your potential ROI