Posted October 23, 2021

Lawless Group acquires interest in Rolston Hogstrom Inc.

The Lawless Group (LG) has acquired an interest in Rolston Hogstrom Inc. (RH), headquartered in Chicago.

Founded in 1972, Rolston Hogstrom has over 45 years of experience in representing manufacturers in the Midwest United States. Chris Hogstrom and Jack Daniels of Rolston Hogstrom Inc., and Richard Lawless of The Lawless Group have joined forces in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, the UP of Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska.

As part of the transaction and overall value creation, LG and RH have agreed to establish a long-term partnership. RH will now be an LG Partner, continuing regular operations as Rolston Hogstrom Inc. – A Lawless Partner. Chris Hogstrom will remain president of the Midwest and Richard Lawless will be acting CEO.

“We are excited about the new relationship and the combined efforts to serve more. The partnership will give a reach of 26 states across the Midwest and Southwest,” according to a statement issued by Hogstrom and Lawless.

This acquisition comes as a continuation of growth strategies for both companies. The partnership will also assure access to greater capabilities for accelerated growth.

"This move is vital to our employees, customer service and customers’ futures. Now more than ever you can count on Rolston Hogstrom Inc., – A Lawless Partner team dedicated to helping others succeed,” said Lawless.

In early October, The Lawless Group announced a change in its executive team to facilitate growth in the Eastern U.S.