Posted November 16, 2021

Industrial production rose 1.6 percent in October

Industrial production rose 1.6 percent in October after falling 1.3 percent in September.

About half of the gain in October reflected a recovery from the effects of Hurricane Ida.

Manufacturing output rose 1.2 percent, reaching its highest level since March 2019. The indexes for both durable and nondurable goods advanced 1.3 percent, while the index for other manufacturing (logging and publishing) fell 1.5 percent. Within durables, the largest increase was posted by motor vehicles and parts, while a strike at a major manufacturer contributed to a decrease of 1.3 percent for machinery. Within nondurables, the index for petroleum and coal products moved up 5.0 percent; gains of more than 1 percent were also recorded by printing and support and by chemicals.

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