Posted June 14, 2022

RIDGID SeeSnake microReel APX

RIDGID introduced the SeeSnake microReel APX to optimize inspections.

RIDGID SeeSnakeEngineered with a lightweight, compact profile for easy portability, the microReel APX features bright LED lights with high color accuracy and auto-flip imagery delivering crisp, detailed images and ensuring upright viewing angles in a variety of pipe conditions. Paired with TruSense technology, this tool delivers the industry’s best in-pipe image.

The microReel APX is the most recent camera reel from RIDGID to offer TruSense technology to help plumbers better pinpoint problem areas in-pipe. It also comes with a built-in kickstand for in-field versatility with multiple configurations for optimal operation.

TruSense establishes a two-way datalink between the camera head and a connected RIDGID SeeSnake Wi-Fi-enabled monitor. With TruSense, advanced sensors on the camera head convey information about the in-pipe environment, while the HDR image sensor expands the camera's dynamic range, allowing a greater ratio of bright and dark areas to be displayed at the same time without reducing visibility. This delivers superior clarity and detail with fewer blown-out areas and sections of the pipe that are too dark to see. TiltSense measures the camera's angle and, when connected to a SeeSnake series monitor, the camera can convey the camera's degree of tilt on the monitor – giving professionals a useful indicator of the pitch of the camera in-pipe.