Posted February 2, 2022

Ruland quick clamping shaft collars

Ruland quick clamping shaft collars require no tools for installation, adjustment or removal, making them a convenient and efficient choice for a variety of packaging equipment and applications.

Ruland quick clamping shaft collarsDesigners and operators of packaging machines such as wrappers, bundlers and cartoners benefit from the faster, tool-less adjustment of quick clamping shaft collars.

Ruland offers two types of quick clamping shaft collars: collars with cam levers and collars with clamping levers. Quick clamping shaft collars with cam lever have an integral lever that sits flush with the outside diameter and is finger actuated. The design features a tension-adjustment screw that can be adjusted to tailor axial holding power to application needs. These collars are one-piece clamp style and require shaft end access to be installed properly. They are best suited for light duty and low rpm applications with frequent change-outs of items like guide rails or other setup fixturing.

Quick clamping shaft collars with clamping lever feature a Ruland manufactured shaft collar combined with an adjustable clamping lever that replaces standard hardware. The final assembly is a shaft collar with a ratcheting handle that can be easily installed, removed or repositioned without tools. They have the benefits of traditional Ruland shaft collars such as not marring the shaft, tight controlled face-to-bore perpendicularity (TIR of ≤ .002 inch or 0.05 mm), and a fine burr-free finish, allowing them to be used in a wide variety of packaging applications. These shaft collars with clamping levers are offered in one- and two-piece clamping styles and with outer diameter flats and holes for easier mounting of other components.

Quick clamping shaft collars with cam levers are manufactured from 6061 anodized aluminum bodies and 6063 aluminum handles with bore sizes from ¼ inch to 3 inches and 6 mm to 75 mm. Quick clamping shaft collars with clamping levers are offered in standard materials including 1215 lead-free steel with black oxide or zinc plated finish, 303 and 316 stainless steel, high strength 2024 aluminum, and engineered plastic. The lever is sourced from JW Winco and features a zinc plated handle with a stainless steel threaded stud and internal components.