Posted January 31, 2023

How to Create Amazon-like Experiences in Your Catalog

Learn how to cut through complex online catalogs and create an Amazon-like experience for your customers.

Jonathan Meyer

See first-hand how the most successful sites in B2B distribution have harnessed AI, machine learning and recommendations to deliver a seamless customer journey, from search to checkout and everything in between. HawkSearch’s resident site-search expert Jonathan Meyer is the host of this 30-minute eye-opening and engaging webinar program that includes opportunity to ask all your questions.

Tune in as we explore:

  • How to overcome the challenges of B2B on-site search.
  • Understanding the importance of showing the right products to the right visitors.
  • Discovering how to utilize machine learning to present relevant recommendations to your users.

As noted in the Jan.-Feb. issue of Industrial Supply magazine, your customers have already been Amazon’d, which has irreversibly set the bar for the buyer’s experience. “This shift will continue,” said Brent Lilly, vice president of sales & marketing at PT Coupling Co., “so every business should devote time, energy, and resources toward creating their own technology plan . . . to meet the demands of this quickly evolving trend.”

This program will show you what your website may be missing and how to evolve it to the next level for increasing your online sales.