Nov./Dec. 2022 print edition of Industrial Supply magazine

The following stories appeared in the Nov./Dec. 2022 print edition of Industrial Supply magazine.

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Nov./Dec. 2022 Industrial Supply coverEditor's welcome
Training videos reduce errors (Rich Vurva)

Cover story:
Painless Training (Kim Phelan)
How Austin Hose morphed from continuous errors to consistently correct performance

The inverse relationship between price and selling skill (Troy Harrison)
Don't Call it Innovation Part II (Howard Coleman)

Winning the war against inflation (Nelson Valderrama)
Choosing an ERP system (Rich Vurva)
Is it them or is it me? (Dave Kahle)
Creating a buzz around a new location (Jason Bader)

Supplier Round Table (PDF)

Training Tips
Spill management (Rich Vurva)

Market Outlook
Coated Abrasives Market (PDF)