Jan./Feb. 2020 print edition of Industrial Supply magazine

The following stories appeared in the Jan./Feb. 2020 print edition of Industrial Supply magazine.

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Jan./Feb. 2020 Industrial Supply cover

Editor's welcome
A cautionary tale

Cover story:
The importance of planning (Rich Vurva)
How one distributor learned the hard way why it is important to have a succession plan for a family business

Embrace transparency (Troy Harrison) 
Keep the machine rolling (Frank Hurtte)
Think out of the box (Dick Friedman)

AI: The Future is Now (David Gordon)
Distribution in the '20s (Scott Benfield)
Grab the wrecking ball (Howard Coleman)
Do you make excuses or solve problems? (Jason Bader)
Gross margin: Improving the usefulness of a time-honored KPI (McKinnon Shisko)

Supplier Round Table (PDF)

Market Outlook
Carbide Cutting Tools (PDF)